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Don’t Get Obsessed With Web Site Traffic

How to convert visitors into customers

Most Web site owners have an overriding obsession with getting “site traffic” – in other words, getting more people to visit their Web site. It’s as if getting more visitors will automatically mean more customers, and hence more money.

But just getting more visitors doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll increase your profits. In fact, in many cases, it’s almost exactly the opposite, because getting new visitors can be very expensive.

Step into the shoes of a typical Web surfer …

What happens when somebody is looking for something on the Internet?

Assume this is somebody who hasn’t heard of you before (otherwise they would just type your Web address directly into their Web browser, or click a link in their Favorites collection) and hasn’t already found a supplier (otherwise they would go directly to that supplier’s Web site).

So they fire up a search engine like Google and type in some words about your product or service. They typically get thousands – and sometimes hundreds of thousands – of search results.

With luck, your Web site is in the first three pages of listings. Research shows that most Web surfers don’t go past the first three pages of listings, and will almost invariably go for results on the first page.

Actually, it’s not a matter of luck – it’s all about careful search engine marketing to make sure that you’re on the first three pages.

This usually means one of two things: Either you “optimize” your pages using various special techniques to make sure that Google lists you on the first page; or you pay Google to show your advertisement on the page.

Both of these are valid marketing strategies, but both of them involve some work and expense on your part.

If you sell a commonly-available product or service, you could find yourself competing with hundreds of other suppliers, and this becomes a time-consuming and costly exercise. Remember that all these other suppliers are also fighting for placement on the first three pages.

So it’s a very competitive environment.

And I’ve only talked about a very small part of Internet marketing – that is, search engines. There are literally hundreds of other techniques for bringing visitors to your Web site, including: Publishing articles, exchanging links, Web rings, banner advertising, sponsorship, media releases, e-zine advertising, and so on.

But of course the more of these you pursue, the more you lose focus – not to mention time and money!

More importantly, even if you do get these people to click on a link in Google and visit your Web site, it’s another task in itself to convince them to buy from you. You have to overcome all their objections, fears, concerns and natural resistance to making a commitment.

The Internet is the least-trusted selling medium in history, so don’t expect to get a flood of customers, even if you do happen to strike it lucky and get a flood of site visitors.

I know that I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture of Internet marketing. So I’ll assure that you I’m not against doing any of these things. They are all valid, and can all bring qualified new prospects to your Web site – and hence to your business.

My point is that you shouldn’t think only about getting new visitors to your Web site.

What’s the alternative?

What if you could bring people to your Web site with little or no cost? And what if those people automatically trusted you? And they had already convinced themselves that they were willing to make a commitment and buy your products or services?

Would that interest you? I bet it would!

But where can you find those people (I hear you cry)?

Easy – they are your own customers!

Yes, I’m talking about the people who have already bought from you in the past. I’m suggesting that you spend at least as much time on using your Web site to provide a high level of service to your existing customers and clients.

After all, it’s so much easier to sell to existing customers than to find new customers. Look at the advantages: They know (and trust) you, you can reach them easily, you can sell them additional services that complement what they’ve bought already, and you’ve already established a business relationship with them.

I know that this seems obvious, but most Web site owners miss this point. They spend all their time and effort marketing their services to strangers, while ignoring the gold mine of potential riches in their own backyard.

And, by the way, I’m not talking only about customers who buy from your Web site. I’m talking about all your customers.

So how do you put this into practice?

Provide additional value on your Web site that’s exclusively for your clients and customers.

One way to do this is to build a special password-protected “clients only” area on your Web site.

An example will make this clear…

Suppose you operate a book shop in a shopping centre. As part of your marketing, you do all the usual things: Book sales, author signings, seasonal offers, loyalty card with discounts for frequent customers, and perhaps even a mail order catalogue.

But every other book shop is doing the same thing, and the big book chains are doing it on such a big scale that you can’t possibly compete with them.

What’s the solution? The answer is that you don’t compete with them! Instead of taking them on head-to-head in a fight that you can’t possibly win, you give your customers a boutique solution that your competitors aren’t offering.

Here’s how …

As part of your customer loyalty program, you give every customer access to a password-protected area of your Web site. In that area, you could offer:

* Book reviews of new releases
* Advance notice of books coming into the shop
* A discussion forum, where other customers can provide their comments on books they’ve read recently
* A rating system for new books, where customers “vote” on their favorite books
* A method for customers to get in touch with each other to form book clubs
* Advice on how to set up and operate a book club successfully
* Discount vouchers on future sales
* Expert advice and comments (from you) in response to customers’ questions
* … and much, much more

The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure you can get a handle on how to adapt this idea to your own business.

You’re providing so much added value that customers can’t help but remain loyal to you.

And the key is that by doing this on your Web site, it becomes a “self-service” offering for your customers, so it takes up very little time, effort and money on your part.

Take another look at the example above, and go through each of the items I’ve listed in the customers-only area. You’ll discover that most of them require only a single up-front effort to get going, and then they run themselves automatically. A few of them involve on-going work (such as the news of updates and new releases), but even then the time investment is small.

Getting started

So how do you get started with setting up a password-protected area on your Web site?

The first step is to make a list of all the things that you could offer to existing customers – just like I’ve done in the example above. Step into your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what would make the experience really special for them.

A word of warning: Be careful not to self-censor here. In other words, don’t discard an idea just because you think it might be too expensive or time-consuming for you to offer. When you talk to an Internet consultant, you might be surprised at how little in costs.

The next step is to talk to a professional Internet consultant. Yes, you could set it all up yourself, but it does involve some technical work beyond basic Web design. So it’s much better to talk to somebody who can see the full picture from a technical viewpoint.

We’ve worked with many businesses to build this sort of system, and our experience is that this can be a very profitable part of your business.

Profitable Web Site Copywriting: Advice On Getting Profitable With Web Site Copywriting

Like many people, you may be interested in embarking on a career in web site copywriting. Through this article, you are provided six steps that you will need to take in order to enjoy profitable web site copywriting.

One. When it comes to profitable web site copywriting, you need to play to your strings. What is meant by this statement is that you need to write about what you know and what you have experience in.

Two. If you want to enjoy profitable web site copywriting success, you need to target those markets in which your expertise will play well. You need to provide copywriting services to those targeted markets in which you do have expertise.

Three. Profitable web site copywriting depends on your ability to make sure that your final product is accurate and correct. Unfortunately in this day and age there are many people who write copy for the web who pay no attention to facts. They simply write content that is factually incorrect.

Four. Do not underestimate the importance of editing when it comes to your goal of profitable web site copywriting. While mistakes will be made, through decent editing regimens you will be able to catch most if not all of the mistakes that have made in your initial drafting work.

Five. When it comes to editing and revisions, it sometimes is helpful to have a second set of eyes take a look at your work. If you want to enjoy profitable web site copywriting success over the long term, you might be well served in engaging the assistance of someone to take a look at your copy before you put in on the market.

Six. Finally, if you want to enjoy profitable web site copywriting success, you need to develop your own marketing plan. You have to sell yourself and your written work. One of the first steps that you want to take in that regard is developing your own Internet website. In addition, you may want to consider joining a freelance website through which you can be engaged to provide web site copywriting services for various individuals and businesses.

Wholesale Catalogues: Why You Should Publish One

Wholesale catalogues are great selling tools, even in the Internet age. While most people conduct their research and buying online, many people still prefer a printed wholesale catalogue, or simply might lack online access. For example, many owners of small clothing stores do not have time to surf online, since they are often a single person operation. If the owner of the shop has your catalogue in the store with her, she can browse through its pages when things are slow. Even if she is not initially interested, she might change her mind after a few times looking at its wholesale offerings. This is even truer for flea market and swap meet vendors who are constantly on the road, and have minimal online access. Another advantage of a hard copy catalogue is that it will stay in the hands of your customer for a longer period of time than a web site which he can simply navigate away from. Studies have shown that online shoppers make a decision whether to stay on the site within the first 10 seconds. So imagine that even if you have great wholesale products, but the store owner does not like the layout of your web site, you will lose her attention. But on the other hand, even if she does not like the layout of the catalogue, she might peruse through it simply because she is looking for something to read during her downtime.

A wholesale supply catalogue can also be kept as a future reference point by the retailer, and an order can result weeks, or even months after it is initially received. Printed material can also be shared and passed around to various other resellers, extending the marketing reach of your items. A catalogue can also give your business a great deal of credibility. Printed material conveys a message of stability, since the actual printed pages can be physically held by the reader. This is the reason why many online retailers, including Amazon, use printed media to market their online sales. Established e-commerce players understand the need to reassure conservative shoppers that they are credible businesses that will deliver what they offer.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5448083

Product Catalogues and Related Benefits on Online Media Promotion

Catalogues can be considered as one of the best podiums for both manufactures and suppliers to podcast their varied products and services ably to the online audience. Keeping in mind the present scenario we can say that these catalogs are gaining popularity at a faster pace. It is all because these are the most lucrative medium of advertising online, besides being one of the most thriving.

Howsoever, it does not mean that only showcasing of a product catalogue would help your business to sell the desired products and services. It has to be eye-catching, with well-organized information as well. Well, a well-organized, engaging and well-formatted product catalogues are more likely to leave a long-lasting impact than a plain one with inadequate details.

Catalogues can be used in different ways by businesses across the globe as explained below:

1) First and foremost thing that is the product catalogs can be exhibited on the company’s website or online store, whichever way it suits you. This way the online visitors can visit your website and look through the range of products offered by you.

2) Moreover, you can even send this specially designed product catalogue to the business directories where they can be looked through by the wholesalers and retailers from different parts of the globe.

3) You can also e-mail these product catalogs to your probable buyers in the through e-mail marketing tool.

Therefore, the usage of a product catalogue can be exceptionally favourable for a business provided used in a better way. Some of the most important advantages of having a product catalogue for your online web store are mentioned as below:

1) The prime aim of any business is to capitalize on more and more sales and to maximize the return on investment. Since, through product catalogues you can easily put on display not only your business information, but also about products and services that your company is offering. This will surely help you in generating more and more sales orders easily.

2) The prospective web visitors and probable buyers can use these product catalogs as a valuable search tools. These product catalogues are designed in such a way that they can be very easily accessed over online business directories. Here, the soon-to-be buyers can look for products and services. And select the product or service of their preference and straight away place an order.

3) These product catalogues help the buyers to get more up-to-the-minute information and price quotations. It not only saves their valuable time, but also helps them in keeping away from the trouble of calling the seller’s office and probing about the price.

In the end we would like to close by saying that there is no doubt that product catalogues are very helpful in online media promotion. The consistent usage of these product catalogues has recently emerged as one of the most indisputable ways of promoting your products, services and business for making lucrative profits and evolving your business even in the toughest competition.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7419879

Factors that will define B2B e-commerce

The future of B2B e-commerce should be of interest to every single serious businessman out there. Just look at the top businessmen you should follow and you will see that they often talk about B2B and e-commerce innovations. No matter how we look at things, the biggest impact will appear because of the evolution of cloud technology, which allows so many interesting features to be added to e-commerce software. At the same time, businesses manage to receive, store and analyse so much data in order to offer better services in the future.
High-quality customer experience expectations

Customers now want to receive high-quality services and they want to be sure their experience is always enjoyable. Alibaba and Amazon are innovators in this field since they always offer a great customer experience, thus increasing the number of repeat sales generated. Modern e-commerce platforms always offer extras that can be used to increase customer satisfaction. However, when referring to open source e-commerce software, this is not always something that is included, thus bringing in a need to modify and add new features to guarantee that perfect customer experience.

TCO (total cost of ownership) is increasing

Companies now seriously think about unifying cloud platforms since there is a need to keep adding improved catalogue management, partner portals, payment gateways, storefronts and much more. B2B is all about quality and innovation. Those companies that offer something new will stand out but this automatically increases TCO.

Flexibility needed for all selling channels

B2C vendors normally cannot move towards B2B selling because of the need to have high price optimisation and CPQ (configure price quote) flexibility. Every smart businessman understands that the selling decisions that are made when the quarter starts will most likely be different than what is seen when the quarter ends. Selling teams do a lot of manual work to keep improving what is offered and having B2B e-commerce options that offers this naturally is great and required. Those B2B e-commerce providers that will offer more flexibility will stand out and will be preferred.

The need to have access to synchronised data

In many cases the e-commerce systems will be connected with a system that exists and a legacy order management system. There is a disconnection that appears between systems used. This is highly damaging and should be avoided as much as possible. The future of B2B is clearly focusing on being sure that data is as synchronised as possible. If a sale is made, everyone should know about it. This is just an example but it clearly highlights what is needed.

Offering unique buying experiences in multi-tier channels for distribution

B2B selling moves across so many different gadgets at the moment and everything is even more complicated when dealing with partnerships and selling through other retailers, resellers, partners or distributors. It is really important that you always think about creating a B2B commerce platform that can easily bring in diversity in terms of selling channel customisation. This is in fact why cloud-based options are preferred since they allow such a technological development.

ShowMax announces peering agreement with NAPAfrica

ShowMax, an internet-based subscription video on demand service, has announced that it is now connected to NAPAfrica Johannesburg, the largest internet exchange point (IXP) in Africa. Originally launched in 2015, ShowMax is available in 65 countries and houses Africa’s largest subscription video entertainment catalogue.
Michele McCann
Michele McCann
“Streaming video over the internet isn’t difficult, but maintaining a consistently high quality service can be. By joining NAPAfrica we’re aiming to reduce latency and network hops, which ultimately means faster response times, fewer buffering events and a better overall customer experience. ISPs should also benefit from this move through reduced transit costs,” says Mike Raath, head of distribution, ShowMax.

“We recently announced we’d surpassed the 20 million cumulative views mark – a serious achievement for a business little more than a year old. Given the increasing traffic volumes, this peering agreement is coming at exactly the right time to help us continue to deliver the best possible video quality,” added Raath.

NAPAfrica has more than 216 members live on the eXchange since launching in 2012 and is approaching more than 140 Gb of peering traffic. Welcoming ShowMax onto the network is exciting for NAPAfrica with an estimated additional 50Gb of traffic passing through the network.

“The decision by ShowMax to join NAPAfrica is encouraging for the continent. It not only supports Africa’s growth, but it also underpins the importance and role of Internet exchanges and further establishes NAPAfrica as the free peering point for the continent,” says Michele McCann, business development manager, Teraco.

She says another benefit for ShowMax is the ability to cross-connect within the exchange: “The benefits and opportunities within NAPAfrica are numerous and potentially a significant advantage for ShowMax.”

Understanding video on demand content windowing

One of the biggest gripes about video on demand (VOD) is that of outdated or old content. However, there is a reason for this which many consumers are not aware of – a term called content windowing, which is a global practice.
“There is a path that cinema and TV content follows before it reaches our screens,” explains Taryn Uhlmann, executive head of operations and marketing at Discover Digital.

VOD is not just about having the ‘latest’ or the ‘most’ programmes on a service, on-demand adds a wealth of new entertainment options and ways to access these entertainment options, personalised to unique market segments.

Understanding video on demand content windowing
© georgejmclittle via 123RF

“Judging an on-demand service just on volume and newness of titles is a mistake. VOD services are coming to market as a digital, more convenient version of the physical video stores of the past. This means that each one will be subject to rights restrictions and forced to wait a certain amount of time before it may release new programming.

“A movie for example, will usually be released to theatres first, then it becomes available for purchase online known as Electronic Sell Through (EST), followed by DVD retail and rentals and Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD – the pay-per-view option for VOD, for example iTunes). It then goes to the first and second pay-rights holders, either to TV or to a SVOD (subscription video on-demand) catalogue – although in South Africa this is usually TV first, and then into Free to Air (FTA) or library SVOD. This is standard global windowing practice.

TV shows run through similar windowing and in the case of most big shows, the first rights to screen TV series will be bought by a particular network or media company, which will then often take the life of series rights for as long as the show is produced. Good examples are the Netflix-commissioned original productions ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’, distributed by Sony and Lionsgate respectively. Both titles’ first run rights were bought by DSTV before Netflix started its global rollout strategy, so even when Netflix came to South Africa, it could not show the current series until the second run window opened, after DSTV has screened it.

Other benefits

“In the case of both TV shows and movies, they can be snapped up by a major media company, forcing others to wait months or even years before they can screen them. However, this should not detract from the huge range of benefits VOD services can offer.

“Much like a traditional video store, VOD allows viewers to select from a large range of entertainment options, to catch up on series they may have missed on TV and to view these shows when and how they like. This means that new audiences discover older content for the first time, instead of waiting for it to be scheduled on their TV and they have the added benefit of experiencing it on a device of their choice. It further allows viewers to go back into the archives to revisit evergreen classics such as the TV series ‘Friends’, which tends to get re-watched time and again, despite an already long lifespan on free to air channels.

“Where viewers discover a series for the first time, they now do not have to come in at the end of the series – they can go back to Series 1 Episode 1 and binge watch from the start if they like.”

Expanding audience access

The latest episodes of any series are typically licensed to the pay-tv players with the largest budgets. These pay-tv services are often limited to a relatively small premium audience with the spending power to subscribe to pay-tv in the first place. Lower cost VOD may bring certain programmes to market later than pay-tv can do, but for lower income groups and non-pay-tv subscribers, VOD services are often the first and only opportunity to catch up on the entertainment everyone else is talking about.

Moving away from the traditional video store model, subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services give viewers access to a huge range of entertainment at a set price, far lower than viewers might pay to subscribe to pay-tv or to rent individual titles.

“Importantly, because subscription video on demand services are run on advanced digital platforms, they can personalise the viewer’s experience and offer add-on services.

“Follow me technology allows viewers to pick up where they left off watching, even if they are logging on with a different device. Analytics helps SVOD services to understand exactly what viewers want to see, at what time of day, and customise and promote their offerings accordingly, while recommendation tools present new content for discovery. Kids can watch their favourite shows repeatedly at no extra cost, because the programmes are freely available for them to revisit.

Choosing SVOD services

When choosing a SVOD service, viewers should not just be looking at how many programmes the service offers. “The service might claim thousands of titles but it is more important for viewers to choose their SVOD service based on how it is curated. How many of the shows appeal to their particular taste, how well the technology delivers the programmes to the device of their choice – laptop, phone, Smart TV or IPTV box – and how effectively it recommends other shows they will like.

“On-demand entertainment is supplementary to TV services and should be seen as a way to broaden and enrich our options for entertainment. However, as the on-demand entertainment market becomes more mainstream, I expect to see VOD operators start to differentiate from each other by focusing on particular target markets with particular content focuses.

Create Interactive Catalogue by Uploading Pdf File With StallionPublishers.com

Create Digital Catalog with with StallionPublishers.com Stallion Publishers® is Next Generation Digital Publishing Service platform that helps clients market and distribute print materials in easy-to-read digital editions via Internet using only a standard Web browser! All digital publications are compatible with any browser on PC, Mac and on 3G/4G mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad, Windows HTC using built-in browsers like safari, Opera. If you want to distribute your publications including catalogs, brochures, magazines, newsletters or any pdf document around the world with in seconds , Stallion Publishers® will convert your printed publication into an online edition, also known as a digital magazine or e-magazine. Stallion Publishers® helps publishers provide digital versions of their magazines, catalogs, travel and other collateral. BENEFITS Create low cost online magazines, brochures and catalogs Lower printing, distribution and business costs Drive traffic to your website Increase advertising revenue Increase your circulation using a fully searchable edition Simple, Easy to Use magazine viewe Create Unlimted hyperlinks inside your publication. Link each product to product page on your website. Real-time statistics. See who is reading, see reader’s country, state, city. See where readers clicked the most. Go “Green” by reducing Waste. Save Paper-Save Trees Digital Publication Features included with digital magazine: High-Resolution Conversion with vector graphics details intact Accessible on any PC or Mac computers around the world Digital magazines are accessible on latest mobiles phones (iPhone, iPad and 3G/4G/Wifi enabled devices). Build for apple’s safari mobile browser, It will also work on latest windows, android touch devices. No App required to view publications. Hosting and Maintenance of your publications Merge digital publication in existing layout of your website Host on your own website for life Tiny Thumbnail Page Flipper for your website Create archives of all issues Linked Table of Contents Embed in Unlimited websites or send link in mass email Search any keywords in digital Publication with text highlight feature Details Search Engine Visibility – Google and Yahoo Details 300% Page Zooming with sharp fonts Details Enable/Disable Page Printing Details Send Publication link to your friends Details Pages (Thumbnail) View Details Share via Email Share on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, MSN Spaces etc. Details Zoom Control (Zoom in/out) Readers can Download PDF from Interactive Publication Details 24/7 Live Support on Chat and Phone Backend Dynamic Control Features for You: Add URL, Email and Page Jump Links Details Add Audio, Video or Youtube Videos inside pages Details Create Table of Contents Change Color Theme of viewe Change Page Titles for SEO Edit Page text for searching and SEO Protect Your PDF with Password Protect Interactive Publication and Create Subscribers Manually Sell Ebooks and Magazine Subscriptions with Paypal Branding Options Custom Brand Name/Logo – We can add your brand name instead of Stallion Publishers’s brand. To create digital catalog, Digital Magazine, Digital Brochure or convert any pdf to online interactive publication with page flip effect visit www.stallionpublishers.com Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=692974&ca=Computers+and+Technology

Relevance of Catalogue in Direct Mailing Service

Direct mailing service is one of the important aspect of marketing for a reputed direct marketing company. Direct mailing service is still major factor in your cost effective marketing campaign. Direct mail marketing service is great tool for businessmen and direct marketing company across the globe to deliver a message to their potential customer. In fact many companies revolve their direct marketing campaign around good catalogue marketing. Direct-mail print catalogs are one of the best ways to make consistent sales in volume. Though many people thinks that catalogues are out of fashion and no more use for direct marketing company. Digital revolution in the form of blackberry and I-phone has decreased the importance value of catalogue. But according to many marketing experts you can not written off importance of catalogue in direct mail marketing service. Still catalogues are invaluable and important in direct marketing. So the bottom line is you can hate catalogues or you can love catalogues, but you can not ignore catalogues. So let’s see how you can make your catalogue more pro-customer as well as attractive. They say a book can judge by its cover. A same thing applies to catalogue. Attractive catalogue cover is half battle won case. First impression is last impression. Catalogue cover creates that first impression for you. Large images and bold headlines of your current achievement or product on cover page can create fantastic first impression. Your customer should get hands on information about your products through your catalogue cover page. There should be a similar pattern in page lay out and graphics into catalogue design. Consistency of layout should be there through out the catalogue. It should be a signature written all over of your style and layout. When your potential customer opens attachment of catalogue he/she should recognize your style instantly. The page layout should become your style statement. But don’t go overboard with big fonts and dark designs. Sometimes it can hurt your campaign. Don’t use more than 3 fonts. If you are using a different font on different page it will become nightmare for your potential customer. Choose any suitable color and make it your signature color. Rather than using 2-3 colors on catalogue just use one color. Use of black and white will be a marketing hara-kiri. Full color catalogue is a sign of professional and quality direct mailing service. There is one more thing you have to remember if you are using catalogue as a marketing tool. Don’t overload your catalogue with information. It should be a balance between creative lay out and content. This balance is a sensitive thing. Overload of only content can harm harmony in the balance. Direct mailing services must be careful while packing of catalogues. Messed catalogue could create a negative impression about your product. If business is a battle you have to fight with every weapon in your armory. Though for many catalogues has become thing of past, still it has importance in overall marketing process. Use this cost effective and yet relevant tool to market your product and enjoy rich dividends. Catalogue is your tool to enhance your product visibility. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1540662&ca=Marketing